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Native Plants of Greece, By Ronald J. Pawley

Greece is home to a wide variety of beautiful plants, many of which lend themselves to gardens and landscaping. While the Mediterranean country is known for its almond, cypress, and olive trees, it is also home to many types of indigenous wildflowers. Some of these colorful flowers include cyclamens, orchids, and lavender. Gardeners in Greece often cultivate plants that are drought-resistant, as water can be scarce.

One of the most interesting native plants is the intriguingly named Artemisia arborescens, or blue artemis. Named after the Greek goddess of hunting and the wild, this drought-tolerant, aromatic plant is well suited for poor soils. The plant’s foliage is silver. Lantana camara, another striking native plant, sports orange, purple, red, yellow, and white blossoms. Many of the flowers bloom in colorful, mixed clusters. This verbena family plant is quite low-maintenance.

About Ronald J. Pawley

Mr. Pawley, an avid landscaper, was honored to have his garden and waterscape recognized by the Greece Historical Garden Society Annual Tour in 2008.

About Ronald J. Pawley

Ronald J. Pawley is a retired professional.


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Ronald J. Pawley

Ronald J. Pawley

Ronald J. Pawley is a Retired Chief Fire Officer

Ronald J. Pawley began his career at the Kodak Park Fire Department as a chemical firefighter. Highly motivated in his career, he received numerous promotions. After serving as an Inspector, a Lieutenant, a Captain, and a Line Deputy, he achieved the position of Executive Deputy Fire Chief in 1983. Holding numerous responsibilities in the department, Ronald J. Pawley continued to excel in his career. He retired in June 1986 after 32 years of service at Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, New York. During that time, Ronald J. Pawley also performed notable service with the U.S. Army and as an active member of the Army Reserves. Ronald J. Pawley holds a diploma from the Rochester Institute of Technology through the College of Continuing Education in the Department of Management. He also attended a number of professional seminars at the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs and acquired extensive training at the New York State Department of Health Emergency Medical Services Program and at a national fire foam school in College Station, Texas. Currently living in Rochester, New York, Ronald J. Pawley stays active by participating in several community organizations. In August 2000, the President of the Charlotte Harbor Merchants Association invited Ronald J. Pawley to serve as a member of the Harbortown Planning and Development Advisory sub committee. In that capacity, Ronald J. Pawley contributed his knowledge and experience to help solve various economic development issues in the Charlotte community. Ronald J. Pawley also recently held notable responsibilities at the Church of the Master, serving as co-chair of a committee and as a member of the Board of Trustees. In his spare time, Ronald J. Pawley particularly enjoys gardening and waterscaping, and his garden, which features a waterscape, was selected in 2008 as one of six properties featured on the Greece Historical Garden Society’s annual tour. His favorite pastimes also include skiing, exercising, and reading. Charitable organizations supported by Ronald J. Pawley include St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the American Cancer Society.

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