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Native Plants of Greece, By Ronald J. Pawley

Greece is home to a wide variety of beautiful plants, many of which lend themselves to gardens and landscaping. While the Mediterranean country is known for its almond, cypress, and olive trees, it is also home to many types of indigenous wildflowers. Some of these colorful flowers include cyclamens, orchids, and lavender. Gardeners in Greece often cultivate plants that are drought-resistant, as water can be scarce.

One of the most interesting native plants is the intriguingly named Artemisia arborescens, or blue artemis. Named after the Greek goddess of hunting and the wild, this drought-tolerant, aromatic plant is well suited for poor soils. The plant’s foliage is silver. Lantana camara, another striking native plant, sports orange, purple, red, yellow, and white blossoms. Many of the flowers bloom in colorful, mixed clusters. This verbena family plant is quite low-maintenance.

About Ronald J. Pawley

Mr. Pawley, an avid landscaper, was honored to have his garden and waterscape recognized by the Greece Historical Garden Society Annual Tour in 2008.


About Ronald J. Pawley

Ronald J. Pawley is a retired professional.


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